Artwork Submission
       Formats that American Decal Co. can accept for Artwork.

  1. Digital artwork saved from Adobe Illustrator (version CS3 (13.0.2) or earlier), Corel Draw (version 11 or earlier) or similar vector files such as AI, EPS or PDF’s. Covert all text to paths/outlines/or curves will eliminate the need for the fonts. Paths make logos more stable and less likely for spacing to change. Do not embed imported images. Link all imported images to the file by placing them.
  1. Digital artwork saved from Photoshop (version CS3 (10.0.1) or earlier) or similar raster files such as TIFF, PSD or JPEG. 300 dpi. At final size of printed image. ALL RASTER IMAGES MUST BE 300 DPI OR LARGER. If you save a file as a JPEG, DO NOT compress it below an 9/high quality. The more you compress a JPEG the worse it will look when printed. Avoid JPEG’s if you can. DO NOT TAKE ARTWORK FROM THE WEB. It is generally saved at 72 dpi, which will print HORRIBLY, and may be illegal. Do not resize/blow up an image from 72 dpi to 300 dpi as it will still print badly (a pixeled image will look even more pixilated if blown up). If you are sending Black & White art with gradients make sure to change it to grayscale mode before saving, or if the artwork is solid Black & White change to bitmap mode. This reduces your file size and should be easier to email.

  2. A White Flash (white under layer) will be needed if decal/sticker is printed on Clear Material. The White Flash will keep overlaying colors opaque & rich in color. Die lines will be needed if decal/sticker is a custom shape.
    Please be sure to submit White Flash and Die lines with your file/files.
    If needed American Decal Co. can recreate artwork needed at an hourly rate.  
  3. We can take digital artwork through our Online File Folder page (10 megabytes max.) at, or e-mail (3 megabytes or smaller) to . Files that are Zipped or Stuffed are fine. You can also drop off or send a CD or DVD.

  4. Please try and minimize file sizes if possible. Large files tend to slow down and /or complicate production once file is stepped up into sheet size. Many designers do artistically fine work that ignores the technical realities of  prepress and printing that can lead to computer files that don’t translate easily or correctly into our printing process. It can cause disappointing printing results… or wasted time… or costs that are higher than they need to be.

American Decal Co.  2730 S. Susan St.  Santa Ana, CA. 92704
Please let us know that you are sending artwork to us and how.
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